Re-seller Terms & Conditions

This Reseller Agreement is made on [AGREEMENT DATE] (the “Effective Date”) between [Skin Magical Online], and [Re-seller].

Appointment of Reseller

Authorization and Appointment. [Skin Magical Online (Distributor] hereby authorizes and appoints [Re-seller] as [Skin Magical Online – Distributor]’s [non-exclusive] reseller, to market and sell Skin Magical Products.

Revision of Authorization. [Skin Magical Online] may revise this terms and conditions by giving [Re-seller] prior notice.


Purchase Orders. [Re-seller] shall submit all orders for Products to [Skin Magical Online] via email at or through Skin Magical Online websites such as or for international re-sellers. 


[Re-seller] understands the time frame provided by [Skin Magical Online] on time of purchase order, the delivery date, allowing reasonable time for [Skin Magical Online] to receive, review and process the Purchase Order, and ship the Products the soonest time possible.

Acceptance, Modification, and/or Rejection of Purchase Orders

By Notice. Within [seven] Business Days’ of receiving a Purchase Order from [Re-seller], [Skin Magical Onlilne] shall accept, reject, or suggest a modification to the Purchase Order by sending [Re-seller] a written notice of its acceptance, rejection, or proposed modification.

Deemed Acceptance. If [Skin Magical Online] fails to notify [Re-seller] of its acceptance, rejection, or proposed modification, [Re-seller] may deem that [Skin Magical Online] accepted the Purchase Order.

Modification of Purchase Order. [PARTY A] may propose a modification to a Purchase Order by including in its notice to [PARTY B] a modified Purchase Order for [PARTY B] to accept or reject according to the acceptance and rejection procedures under paragraphs [BY NOTICE] and [DEEMED ACCEPTANCE].

Canceling Purchase Orders. [Re-seller] may, at no expense to itself, cancel part or all of a Purchase Order within 24hrs after Purchase Order is confirmed.

Delivery of Products

Delivery. [Skin Magical Online] shall deliver the products to Re-seller address Free of Charge for orders $500 and above for international shipments, using delivery method provided by Skin Magical Online.

Risk of Loss Shifts on Delivery. [Skin Magical Online] will remain liable for any damages, losses, or defects to the Products until the Products are delivered to [Re-seller], after which [Re-seller] will be solely liable.  

Regulatory Documentation. On [Skin Magical Online]’s reasonable request, [Res-seller] shall provide [Re-seller] with all documentation [Re-seller] requires to comply with the regulatory requirements found on the signup form “Upload File” section.

Acceptance and Rejection of Product Deliveries

Inspection Period. [Re-seller] will haveup to three Business Days’ [INSPECTION PERIOD] after [Skin Magical Online] delivers Products toensure the order matches the Purchase Order.

Acceptance. [Re-seller] shall confirm product delivery and acceptance of delivered products without any complaints within three days of delivery date. [Re-seller] failure to notify [Skin Magical Online] of any concerns means [Re-seller] delivered products are good and acceptable.

Re-seller Price

  • Price for [Re-seller]. [Re-seller] shall pay [Skin Magical Online] a total of $500 which includes the following items and specifications.
  • 30 Sets Total (boxes) of which 25 sets are Rejuvenating Set 1 (Best Seller), 3 Sets Rejuvenating Set 3 and 2 Sets Rejuvenating Set 2.
  • Free Shipping Fees

Resale Prices. [Re-seller] may determine its own retail prices, taking into account suggested retail prices provided by [Skin Magical Online].

Changes to Prices

Notice of Upcoming Changes. If [Skin Magical Online] changes its list prices, [Skin Magical Online] shall give [Re-seller] [one] month notice before implementing those changes.

No Effect on Outstanding Purchase Orders. Changes to [Skin Magical Online]’s list prices will not affect any Purchase Orders already submitted.

Changes to Discount. Neither party may change the Discount without the other party’s written consent.

Payments and Invoices:

Invoice Delivery. [Skin Magical Online] shall send “Electronic Invoice to [Re-seller] within 24hrs upon receipt of the Re-seller Sign-up Form.

Payment. [Re-seller] shall pay each invoice within [48hrs] after receiving the electronic invoice , at the following “Payment Methods” whichever is convenient.

  • Debit or Credit Card (plus fees) (U.S. Canada, Europe, Australia)
  • Venmo (no fees) (U.S. only)
  • Western Union, Moneygram, Xoom, Remitly, World Remit(U.S. Canada, Europe, Australia), Asia, Middle East and other countries)
  • BDO, Palawan , CebuanaLulhier, M-Lulhier (Philippines)

Return / Exchange Policy

Returns and Exchange of Skin Magical Products are possible under the following conditions:

  1. Products must be unopened and in the original condition
  2. Products must be received within  7 business days from receipt date.
  3. Proof of purchase must be emailed to us at within 7 business days

Failure to meet with these conditions will result in an exchange or refund being denied.

Refunds will be processed in the same form that you originally paid for your order as soon as possible upon receipt of the returned products.  Please note that refunds cannot be processed to expired credit cards.

The total value of the refund will equal the payment made for the goods purchased, not including the shipping fees and any other relevant fees, including Customs or Import fees, if applicable.

Shipping Fees are paid by the customer.

Custom Fees Policy

Who Will Pay for Custom Fees?

Products sent internationally maybe subject to import taxes,customs duties, and/or fees imposed (e.g. handling fees) by the destination country. These charges are typically due once the package arrives in the destination country.

When the package is held by customs, you will be notified by your local customs office.

It is the customer’s responsibility in paying for any additional costs imposed by the local customs office such as duties, taxes, and customs clearance fees. These charges can vary widely and are often based on the price and type of item, package weight and dimensions, origin country, and the taxes, duties, and fees of the destination country.

There are no exact and standard customs fees.

Skin Magical Online is not responsible for any additional charges that may apply after a purchase is completed.


Initial Term. The initial term of this agreement will begin upon posting of payment and continue unless terminated.

Markings and Notices. [Re-Seller] will not remove or alter any trademarks, Product identification, notices of any proprietary or copyright restrictions, or other markings or notices that appear on the Products or their packaging.

Confidentiality Obligations. The parties shall continue to be bound by the terms of the non-disclosure agreement between the parties.

Mutual Indemnification. Each party (as an indemnifying party) shall indemnify the other (as an indemnified party) against all losses arising out of any proceeding brought by either a third party or an indemnified party, and arising out of the indemnifying party’s willful misconduct or gross negligence.

No Relationship. Nothing in this agreement creates any special relationship between the parties, such as a partnership, joint venture, or employee/employer relationship between the parties.

Currency. Unless otherwise specified, amounts are expressed in U.S. Dollars (for International Purchases and Philippine Pesos (for Philippine Nationwide Purchases.

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